Hong Kong’s very popular fortune teller show all What’s in store for the year of the Rat?

Hong Kong’s very popular fortune teller show all What’s in store for the year of the Rat?

It’s the busiest time for So Man-Fung Peter, one of the most well-known geomancy specialists in Hong Kong.

On the eve of Lunar New Year, which falls on January 25, many are on edge to get their fortunes told and hear bits of knowledge into what the Year of the Rat holds.

The individuals who do enter So’s office may feel marginally confused. His larger than usual work area and raised office seat to predominate whoever is sitting opposite him – one of the numerous stylistic theme decisions made in view of feng shui, to support riches and wellbeing.

“A feng shui ace resembles an inside architect,” So discloses to CNN Travel with a grin.

“On the off chance that something feels off in somebody’s home, I rework things so they will feel increasingly great.”

Hong Kong’s very popular fortune teller show all What’s in store for the year of the Rat?

Wearing a fitted suit and a smooth, low pigtail, 60-year-old So is an ace of different Chinese divination contemplates, including feng shui (the investigation of spots and condition), face-perusing, palmistry and BaZi (the perusing of birth diagrams).

“At the point when I was only a child, I’d go to a used book shop on Shanghai Street and select books about face-perusing from the mountains of different distributions,” reviews So.

“In 1982, I was working in a hair salon when the supervisor acquainted me with a Chinese divination ace from Shanghai.”

He spent the following not many years gaining from the ace and offering fortune readings at the Temple Street Market in Kowloon – in the middle of stretches as a lobster provider.

“It was an enjoyable time,” says as much. “My companions would sit tight for me at my road slow down – so we would go drinking and celebrating at Canton and DD Clubs a short time later.”


In the wake of going for a half year in Tibet in 1987, So came back to Hong Kong and opened a shop selling Tibetan strict things and utensils.

“Shopkeeping could be exhausting,” he says. “So I put a sign up at the entryway saying I realized how to understand fortunes. I made HK$8,000 [US$1,029] in the principal month – which was a significant OK check at that point – and was welcome to go to the Scandinavia for feng shui consultancy work,” says as much.

Expression of his capacities spread and in the end, he was seeing upwards of 1,000 customers every year. At a certain point, there was an 11-month holding up rundown to get an arrangement. He’s a commonly recognized name, having shown up on Hong Kong TV appears and has even featured in motion pictures.

The ace credits his prosperity to a blend of BaZi and his introduction abilities.