How is convoluted used in a sentence?

How is convoluted used in a sentence?

(1) His grammar explanations are terribly convoluted. (2) The argument is rather convoluted. (3) Her book is full of long convoluted sentences. (4) The story is convoluted and opaque, often to the point of total obscurity.

What is convoluted sentence?

If you describe a sentence, idea, or system as convoluted, you mean that it is complicated and difficult to understand. [formal, disapproval] Despite its length and convoluted plot, “Asta’s Book” is a rich and rewarding read. ‘convoluted’

What is an example of convoluted?

Convoluted is something that is very complicted or involved with many details. An example of convoluted is a long story with lots of plot threads that doesn’t seem true. Complex, intricate or complicated. He gave a convoluted explanation that amounted to little more than a weak excuse for his absence.

What does it mean if someone is convoluted?

: very complicated and difficult to understand. formal : having many twists and curves. See the full definition for convoluted in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is a convoluted argument?

1. : very complicated and difficult to understand. convoluted logic. a convoluted plot. The argument was so convoluted [=intricate, involved] that most people missed the point.

Is convoluted a negative word?

V2 Vocabulary Building Dictionary Tips: Convoluted is almost always a negative way of describing something that is overly complicated or disorganized, when it should be much simpler.

What is convoluted writing?

Explanation: Convoluted syntax means a form of language that is more complicated than would be required to simply convey meaning.

What things are convoluted?

If something is convoluted, it’s intricate and hard to understand. You’ll need to read over your brother’s convoluted investment scheme a few times before deciding whether or not to go in on it. Convoluted comes from the Latin convolutus for rolled up together.

What does convoluted thinking mean?

: very complicated and difficult to understand. convoluted logic.

What is meant by isolationist?

Isolationism, National policy of avoiding political or economic entanglements with other countries.

What does Convulting mean?

1. to coil up; form into a twisted shape. adj. 2. coiled or rolled up together or with one part over another. [1690–1700; < Latin convolūtus, past participle of convolvere to convolve]

How do you write less convoluted?

How to Reduce Wordiness: 4 Key Considerations

  1. Eliminate filler words. One easy way to avoid wordiness is to limit or eliminate the use of “filler words.” Filler words sneak between relevant words, and though they may sound good, they are essentially useless.
  2. Remove redundancies.
  3. Avoid overusing qualifiers.
  4. Resist logorrhea.

Which is the best definition of the word convoluted?

Convoluted definition: If you describe a sentence , idea , or system as Convoluted , you mean that it is Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 43.

When to use a long convoluted sentence in a sentence?

They demand attention; readers must recognize when a construction is suspended and when it is resumed and be able to put the pieces together. Used sparingly, the long convoluted sentence has the virtue of the unusual: it draws attention to itself and, more important, to what it says, and it can challenge and stimulate the reader. A

Which is a good example of a convoluted structure?

William Alfred. Convoluted structure, as an occasional rather than habitual style, is a good way of achieving variety in sentence move-. It also establishes strong emphasis by throwing weight upon the words before and after the commas or dashes setting off the interrupting constructions: Now demons, whatever else they may be, are full of interest.

Where is the convoluted Canal in a sentence?

The convoluted canal extends from the base of the buccal capsule posteriorly for most of the worm’s length to join the straight canal at the caudal region, forming one canal. The result is a somewhat convoluted picture.