When do you have multiple optimal solutions for a problem?

When do you have multiple optimal solutions for a problem?

In case of an assignment problem, it is likely to have two or additional ways to remove an assured number of zeros. This situation shows multiple optimal solutions with the identical optimal value of objective function.

Is it possible to make employee scheduling easier?

Despite these common problems, employee scheduling does not have to be difficult. To make scheduling easier and more efficient, employers should clear their desks of the mishmash of spreadsheets, time off requests, calendars, and sticky notes and replace them with a robust software solution.

Which is the best algorithm for scheduling events?

There are several events, each with multiple meeting times. I need to find an arrangement of meeting times such that each schedule contains any given event exactly once, using one of each event’s multiple meeting times. Obviously I could use brute force, but that’s rarely the best solution.

When do you test for the optimal solution?

Test for Optimality Once the initial feasible solution is reached, the next step is to check the optimality. An optimal solution is one where there is no other set of transportation routes (allocations) that will further reduce the total transportation cost.

How to use solver to determine optimal product mix?

The Solver Parameters dialog box will appear, as shown in Figure 27-2. Click the Set Target Cell box and then select our profit cell (cell D12). Click the By Changing Cells box and then point to the range D2:I2, which contains the pounds produced of each drug. The dialog box should now look Figure 27-3.

How to solve a problem with two people?

Read the problem carefully. Use this method if the problem represents two or more people working together to complete a job. The problem should also give you the amount of time it would take each person to complete the job alone.

How to find the optimal file merge pattern?

Given n number of sorted files, the task is to find the minimum computations done to reach Optimal Merge Pattern. When two or more sorted files are to be merged all together to form a single file, the minimum computations done to reach this file are known as Optimal Merge Pattern.