Which article is used with musical instrument?

Which article is used with musical instrument?

the definite article
We use the definite article in this way to talk about musical instruments: Joe plays the piano really well.

Which article is used before guitar?

Yes, the indefinite article, A, is by its very definition, indefinite. In other words, a guitar can be any guitar. But the boy is playing one guitar in particular, so THE guitar, is more appropriate.

Which article is used with piano?

We use the definite article when describing the skill of piano playing: I started learning to play the piano at six years old. We use the indefinite article in all the same places as you use it for “ride a bike”. I prefer to play a piano a couple of times before deciding to buy it.

What article is before flute?

Re: playing a/the flute “An” goes before any word that starts with a vowel. I am not a teacher.

Which article is used with violin?

Indefinite articles like ‘a’ / ‘an’ are used for nouns that are not specific. From the hint, we know that the violin is a specific kind of an instrument and hence, specific in nature of the context given to us in the question. Hence, it’ll be using a definite article, that is, ‘the’.

Which article is used in gold?

Just say, “Gold and Silver are precious metals.” However if you wish to refer to the gold of a particular place, you should use “the”.

Who can play a piano?

One can be the piano player in a lounge, on a cruise ship, in a church (mass, weddings, funerals), or in a band. One can be an instructor with a college or university or teach out of a home studio. One can accompanying vocalists, choirs, violinists, and others as they perform for competition or for an audience.

What do you call a flute player?

Today, a musician who plays any instrument in the flute family can be called a flutist or flautist or simply a flute player. Flutist dates back to at least 1603, the earliest quotation cited by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Is flute a wind instrument?

Flute, French flûte, German Flöte, wind instrument in which the sound is produced by a stream of air directed against a sharp edge, upon which the air breaks up into eddies that alternate regularly above and below the edge, setting into vibration the air enclosed in the flute.

What is the article before violin?

We know from the hint given to us that the violin is a noun and hence requires it to be preceded by an article. Thus, option D is wrong. Articles are of two types – definite and indefinite. Definite articles like ‘the’ are used for nouns that are specific.

How to find articles that use a particular instrument?

To find articles that use a particular instrument, CINAHL includes a field named Instrumentation in the Select a Field drop down menu. This field lists the names of research instruments and abbreviations of instruments used in research studies.

How are musical instruments used in everyday life?

Musical instruments have been used since earliest times for a variety of purposes, ranging from the entertainment of concert audiences to the accompaniment of dances, rituals, work, and medicine.

Where can I find information about research instruments?

ERIC is a database of articles and other materials relevant to educational research. To find materials in ERIC that deal with specific tests or research instruments, you can search in the Identifier field. Note: the Identifier contains the names of programs, keywords, etc. so it is best to search for the entire name of the test.

Is it okay to use musical instruments in worship?

(“Singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord” [ Ephesians 5:19] is there, but nobody is playing a harp or guitar or drum.) And I think that’s a mistake to limit it that way.