Marketing Strategies Used by Superstar Realtors

Over the past few years, real estate agents have been rushing to come up with new methods of marketing their business to potential clients. It’s safe to say that everything under the sun has been tried by now, but that does not mean that it’s somehow now obsolete or oversaturated. While having a growth mindset is very helpful, it alone does not produce results. It is only through the proper marketing strategy that you will then begin to see your business grow. Therefore, the following includes a list of marketing strategies used by some of the industry’s best property managers. 

Having a Digital Presence on Social Media

Over the years, the way in which people obtain information about a business is not just through family and friends but also through social media. This is why it is so important to add social media to your marketing strategy. The fact is that people want to know a little more about than just your services. 

They want to know how you are on a daily basis, past successes, and how you interact with others through social media. A great way to utilize social media is to make your presence within multiple platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. You may also use Adworks to narrow down the right people who will see your page. 

Showing You Care About Your Clients 

Providing great service is obviously one of the areas to concentrate on, but clients are already expecting that from you. One of the best ways to ensure that you remain in their minds as a superstar realtor that provided them with more than just great service is to treat them as if they were friends. This means checking up on them months after you’ve closed on the house. 

It means sending them cards on their birthday. You may be saying to yourself that this is overkill as you have already won their business, but there is more to it. When you continue to show appreciation, there is a higher chance of having your past clients refer you to their friends and family. 

Being Involved in the Real Estate Community 

One of the biggest mistakes that new realtors make is believing that they know it all and thus don’t need any direction. The industry is made out of many moving parts, from the lenders to the contractors. Communicating with people in the real estate community, also known as networking, will allow you to pick up a plethora of information. 

In addition, marketing yourself through your own community may lead to potential clients in the future. More experienced superstar realtor may need your help taking on a client in the future, and having that extra exposure can really help your business get off the ground. 

Volunteer Work

When it comes to volunteering for realtors, there are essentially two types, and one of them is fine but does not work in terms of marketing your business. This volunteer “work” involves simply donating to a local charity. There is numerous amount of superstar realtor who boasts about always donating a percentage of their commissions to charity. Although that is admirable, it does not provide you with any type of exposure. 

The best way to go about volunteering is to physically show up to events around town. When you’re at events, you have a chance to speak with people face to face and provide them with your information. In addition, your presence at these events will also boost your reputation as someone who cares about their community rather than just the bottom line.

Utilize Direct Mail Marketing 

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing is still huge for all types of businesses. When a person receives a postcard from a realtors, they are much more likely to stop and read it compared to an email. Email marketing is good, but if the person receiving it has a lot of emails coming in, they may simply delete it. 

In addition, direct mail marketing can also serve as a means to gather data of those interested in purchasing a home now and in the future. Through technological innovations such as QR codes, you are able to detect when a person has used the code to visit your website. Fortunately, their plenty of companies such as that offer postcards for realtors. The postcards for realtors that offers utilize high-quality material and effective design. 


If you’ve ever gone to a little league game or a school fundraiser, then you may have noticed that local businesses have taken the time to sponsor the event. Sponsorships usually come in the form of providing funds to an organization. Realtors will often avoid this as they believe that it takes thousands of dollars to sponsor an event. The reality is that most organizers will accept any type of monetary assistance.

So, what do you receive for financially helping out a school or sports team? Most often, you will receive the opportunity to display your signs at the event where a large group of people will gather. If you like, you may even take the time to be at the event where you have the possibility of interacting with potential clients. 

Adding a Blog to Your Website

If you are looking to hire someone to do a specific job, you’re surely going to want someone who is an expert in their field. You could obtain that reputation by taking the time to blog on your website. Blogging is a great form of marketing as you are demonstrating to potential clients that you understand what you’re doing and are confident enough to post it online for everyone to read. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above information, there are a plethora of ways to market your business as a realtor. Some may take more effort than others, but it’s surely worth the work if the results are clear. By taking the time to research some of the suggestions above, such as direct mail marketing, you are providing yourself with a better opportunity for growth.