Married at First Sight Shock: “Natasha Spencer Will Eat Mikey Alive!”

Married at First Sight Shock: “Natasha Spencer Will Eat Mikey Alive!”

Everyone who is looking forward to Married at First Sight has a basic reason behind it. Some are looking forward to it for finding true love.

But in the case of Natasha Spencer, it was one of the simplest ones.

During this particular time, some of the statements came into consideration.

This 26-year-old admits that she has a habit of dating men who are older than her. Along with it, she also mentioned that she is scared to make her own decisions about the one whom she loves.

Some of the dental clinic employees don’t trust her when it comes to choosing the right guy. She exactly knows what she wants. And accordingly, the man who has Alpha male as she also has an Alpha female.

Married at First Sight Shock: “Natasha Spencer Will Eat Mikey Alive!”

She also mentioned that she does not want to dominate it. She wants that when she finds someone, it must be equal.

So many statements given by Natasha Spencer left everyone astonished. She also mentions that she defeated the man who cannot be strong enough. Rather she has paired up with a mild-mannered man Mikey Pembroke.

On pair’s big day, the babyface lady from Sydney Northern Suburbs was visibly jittery. Some of the guests from Natasha’s side also figured it out that this is not the guy for her. Some people like him to an extent and some were not in favor of it.

Some bridesmaids also said that he is cute. Then hearing this same statement, a well-groomed man from the bride’s side questioned it. He said this is the problem. And Natasha will eat him alive.


She also mentioned that after seeing her groom for the first time, she was not much sure about it.

But finding someone having the same romantic interest and get matched in age is something different. He was a bit nervous at the very first, and I am happy that he is not an old man.