Mama June reportedly Moving into RV and Running from the Law

Mother June Shannon is selling her Georgia home and moving into an RV with her beau, Geno Doak. It was accounted for before that the previous unscripted television mother destroyed her about 3,300 square foot house and sold every last bit of her assets. Court records got by WOACB obviously showed m that Mama June and her beau may escape warrants from Alabama for an as of now dynamic criminal case.

Prior to the month, June Shannon facilitated an online carport deal on Facebook. The unscripted television star had all the earmarks of being selling almost every last bit of her assets. She posted things going from laps, old fashioned furnishings and child apparatus to dolls, gadgets, holders, and skateboards.

During her online carport deal, a news source acquired a video from inside the home. The house showed up wrecked. A few rooms looked void while different zones were destroyed. Geno and June talked inconsistently about a thing available to be purchased as a supporter got them on record.

A couple of days, Mama June and Geno Doak stopped a huge dumpster close to the front yard of the home. Individuals started to hypothesize that the couple was looking to sell the house.

Mom June purportedly told neighbors and companions that she and Geno were selling the home. Furthermore, she conceded the two proposed to buy an RV and travel around the United States.

The majority of this comes at an odd time for the unscripted television mother. June Shannon is as of now dealing with indictments for medication ownership in Alabama. Geno Doak has numerous charges identified with medications and abusive behavior at home from capture in spring 2019.


Court records gotten by WOACB notice that June has not shown up in court since March. In May, her lawyer documented a movement to be pulled back from the case. In the archive, lawyer George B. Bulls II expressed that endeavors to arrive in June had fizzled. Also, the lawyer said that June was not able to consent to the understanding she marked with him. Therefore, the judge expelled her lawyer from the case.

Despite the fact that this is a functioning case, there are no dates recorded for her preliminary. Records from August show that the court sent June a notice that her lawyer has been expelled from the case. Be that as it may, the records don’t list the following date for her hearing, however, she is put under the “reprobate” status. Moreover, a warrant was sent for her capture.

With Geno and June both neglecting to show up in court in Alabama, the two could well intend to escape indictment. Realizing the couple is in a profound dependence on rocks, getting away with tomfoolery with the cops could be an ideal catastrophe waiting to happen.