When I should use due to?

When I should use due to?

Technically speaking, “due to” should only be used as an adjective and come after a noun. For instance, you could say: The cancellation was due to rain. “Cancellation” is a noun, and “due to” is describing it. “Because of,” on the other hand, should modify verbs.

How do you use due to at the beginning of a sentence?

First off, because due to is essentially synonymous with caused by, it is almost always grammatically incorrect at the beginning of a sentence.

When to use do to or due to?

Do to is never the correct option. I can’t think of a single instance where do to would be right, so this lesson is pretty easy. The correct answer is, DUE TO, if you are trying to show that something is CAUSED by something else.

Can I start with due to?

The problem is not that due to is not allowed at the beginning of a sentence. It’s possible to start a sentence with a Due to …, but you have to make sure that the subject of the sentence is the noun or nominal phrase that is explained.

How do you use due to in a sentence?

The traditional view is that you should use “due to” only as an adjective, usually following the verb “to be” (1). For example, if you say, “The cancelation was due to rain,” the words “due to” modify “cancelation.” That sentence is a bit stilted, but it fits the traditionalist rule.

How do you use the word due in a sentence?

use due in a sentence, make example sentences of the word is simply due to, His success is simply due to his hard workOur homework is due next Friday. His success is simply due to his hard work. Your library book was due yesterday, so you’d better return it right away if you don’t want to pay a fine.

What is another phrase for due to?

Synonyms for Due to: adv. •therefore (adverb) thence, hence, wherefore, ergo, therefore, thus, on account of, so. conj. •because (conjunction) seeing, over, Since, Considering, for, being. conj. & prep.

How to use due regard in a sentence?

Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. The UCAO needs to codify its due regardprocedures for uninhabited aircraft flying in international airspace. The analyst interprets without due regardfor the analysand or the analysand acts without regard for the analyst or the analysis. The courts are to have due regardto the legislation as an expression of the will of Parliament.