You Is Finally Back On Netflix And Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Joe Goldberg Again

You Is Finally Back On Netflix And Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Joe Goldberg Again

If you’ve been browsing Netflix lately, you may wonder why Penn Badley is looking into the top-featured slot with some “new” shows you’ve never heard of. (If you’ve already seen you, you can skip this part.) And your Twitter feed may be filled with a certain predator named Jose Goldberg, and his weird crush on a potential serial killer. Who — Who is Goldberg? ”

Well, Joe Goldberg is going to be your new favourite anti-hero. You may be new to Netflix, but it started as a drama of a lifetime, and we called it one of the best shows of 2018.

Never mind if you fall on it; Most people have never heard of it and in a lifetime a drama will never see TV. But now that the first season is on Netflix (as of January 1) and finally revealing what it deserves – a quick look at the search interest has seen a huge increase over the past week – it will arrive for you on this crazy train. (And stay tuned for season 2, which goes straight to Netflix since the streamer was bought. The right kind of TV crap: It’s about falling in love and touching young people Iyu about the killing, but it also makes you think about the way (not too much, put).

You Is Finally Back On Netflix And Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Joe Goldberg Again

AAP is an anti-love story that influences the traditional story of youth romance. Courtship, misunderstandings, questionable friends, compatibility issues, and breakups – all the things you’d expect to see in a traditionally smutty young Schmaltz – but one of the LoveStrike parties was brilliantly bleached to the bone.


Psycho is Joe (badly), Beck (Elizabeth Lyle) is a handsome, well-read bookshop manager who gets hearty eyes for a customer, and we are completely blown away by his tone. The pick-up plan listens, even if it is from gawking, and the goose pushes his or her texts under the curtains of his ground floor apartment (okay, Beck is responsible for this) to clone her phone.

But Joe has a certain fascination, perhaps in his claim that he is protecting Beck from her vicious hipster boyfriend and the trapped dumpling gall pulse, and it’s the charisma that tickles you. Joe doesn’t need you, he does terrible things to provoke Beck in his obsessive love, but when the story is told, you don’t really care.

It was one of the most difficult relationships I had with the main character in the TV series, and he was great at making us feel like him, even though we hated what he was doing.