Splatoon 3 Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and more!

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Splatoon 3 is on the line for a release expected in 2019. But, it is 2020 already, and there are no signs of launch anytime soon?

Splatoon, first launched in 2015, has become one of the top-notch cartoon-based video games that include third-person shooting features. To the reader’s surprise, this video game is a high-end launch by Nintendo itself. Therefore, the audience’s expectations have remained high with the gameplay of Splatoon from the very beginning. 

For those who play Splatoon for the first time, you may be willing to connect with Splatoon’s gaming concept with outdoor paintball. However, several other factors make Splatoon enjoyable. Yes! From the interruption of fictional and anthropomorphic characters to squids-like (cephalopod), Splatoon’s players shoot in an open field. 

After successfully selling over 15 million copies of Splatoon 1 and Splatoon 2 combined, Nintendo is making its gamers wait for a long time for Splatoon 3. Is it coming out anytime soon?

What is Splatoon 3 new release date?

From 2015, Nintendo has dropped 3 brand-new Splatoon’s versions, including the original and Octo Expansion. As mentioned before, the fans were highly excited and expected for Splatoon 3 to release in 2019. However, that did not happen!

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Our guess is… due to COVID-19 pandemic and full quarantine across the globe, Nintendo is also postponing the release of Splatoon 3. Therefore, the third installment may come out in 2020 or 2021. 

Is there a Splatoon 3 official trailer/teaser?

No, up until now, there has been no official trailer for Splatoon 3’s announcement. However, for entertainment purposes, check one of the best fanmade splatoon videos ever by TheMasterofDoom on Youtube.

History of Splatoon and its expansion

Although, Splatoon has started off as a gameplay at Nintendo. But today, Splatoon’s concept and characters have also made their first-appearance into print media, music, and merchandise. For instance, in the 2016-17 year group, a japanese magazine called “Weekly Famitsu” released a Splatoon-based web comic series. It was titled “Honobono Ika 4koma.” Not only this but furthermore, several japanese manga writers wrote and published short stories.

Moreover, in late 2017, Splatoon: Squid Kids Comedy Show also came out. Now, in 2020, this show (manga series) is very prominent in North America. 

What is Splatoon’s gameplay plot?

To begin with, the gameplay of Splatoon seem uncomplicated. However, from the first stage to further in the game, there are many ups and downs. To summarize, Splatoon is playing among the paintball turf where the player requires to fill the ground or people with weaponized ink.

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According to the history of the fictional characters in the game, the Octorians are the main nemesis of the player. For the most part, Octorians highly dislike inklings and therefore, they have created an Octo valley underground to protect themselves from Inklings or those who use it as a weapon. Main plot: Octorians one day take hostage all the zapfishes in order to reach the valley successfully. 

Now, the player is required to rescue all zapfishes by using Inklings to attack the army of Octorians. 

There are some other significant factors of the game such as:

  • Player gets limited timeline
  • Each team requires 4 players minimum
  • Inklings come in two types:
  • Human form inkling: where you can use a weapon to spread the ink.
  • The squid form inkling: where ink can swim in the form of squid leading to refill the ink tank of the player.
  • Moreover, there are huge weapons such as Ink bombs and special bombs which give players an advantage over the nemesis. 

About Splatfests

As the name suggests, Splatfest is a monthly Splatoon-based festival that takes place within the game. That’s right! A Splatfest within the gaming screen. Well! It is more interesting than this. Every player gets chosen by answering a binary question.

To the reader’s surprise, this interesting monthly plot in the game had led to the predictable increase in the sale of the Splatoon copies.

Image credit: Metro, Nintendo

Not only this but Splatoons are also a big part of Comic-con festivals each year. Above all, in the past few years, there have been several Splatoon concerts in New York, Niconico Tokaigi, Chokaigi, Japan, and Paris. 


In conclusion, Splatoon 3 is going to be an interesting turn in the paintball turf as Nintendo is taking its 3-4 years of launch. Now that you are a Splatoon fan, share your Splatoon record in the comment section.