Top 10 Genuinely Free Online Promotions

The internet isn’t short on stunning deals. Many of them are enough to grab our attention and guide us to a subsequent webpage where the finer details are then hammered out. However, unfortunately for most consumers, the fine print (or terms and conditions) attached to each deal quickly reveal that there’s nothing risk-free, or free, about the promotion at all. Let’s see the top 10 genuinely free online promotions.

This is not always the case, though. Some industries tend to be promo-heavy, offering a range of decent welcome offers and loyalty programs. These can be few and far between, so read below to learn more about which types of businesses offer genuinely free promotions and what consumers should look out for when comparing deals.


Now that the US has lifted a ban on sports betting, more and more Americans are learning the ropes when it comes to odds making. This has led to a heyday of free bet offers from top sportsbooks, but which of these stand above the rest? The best free bet offers come with ‘deposit-free’ bets, which don’t require users to put down any of their own money.

Makeup Vendors

Ladies rejoice! Most makeup vendors get creative to keep customers returning—especially when a single product could last them half a year. To do this, top brands like Sephora have created killer loyalty programs that (monthly) lead to free products. Keep a lookout for ‘samples’, which are also free products. 

Skincare Vendors

Just like makeup vendors, skincare businesses must find a way to cut above the competition. And, just like Sephora, top brands from Neutrogena to Clinique send loyal customers free ‘samples’ right to their homes—sometimes up to twice a year.

Credit Cards


When it comes to signing up for a new credit card, ‘free points’ are the buzz words that come with truly free promotions. Cashback deals are tied to how much consumers spend on a given credit card, while points systems are instead attached to certain purchases and other conditions. Just be sure that free points can translate to cash rewards, which can then be deposited into accounts for most companies.

Amusement Parks

Though amusement parks have high expenses connected to long driving trips and hefty ticket prices, many also offer discounts on sites like Groupon. The elite few also offer totally free tickets for people of a certain age. Amusement parks also feature heavily in raffles, like those offered on radio shows and charity events.

Fast Food

Already, fast food restaurants provide plenty of discounts to consumers. These are usually packaged as coupons, though there are other ways to earn fast food for free. Many companies, from McDonald’s to Wendy’s, offer free deals for those who sign up for emails and texts. Users can cancel their subscription at an any time.

Video Streaming

Most video streaming sites require a monthly subscription—which isn’t likely to change anytime soon. However, many services offer free one-month trials. Most require users to input their banking data, so be sure to mark the calendar to avoid being charged (or signed up for a year-long subscription).

Online Casinos

With top casinos competing with brands from around the world, online casinos have some of the best free promotions on offer in the online world. However, these also come with plenty of fine print, including time restrictions and deposit/withdrawal regulations. Similar to sportsbooks, keep a lookout for deals with a ‘no-deposit’ tag for truly free gaming.



Like makeup and skincare vendors, spas benefit greatly from creating loyal customers out of first-time buyers. To do this, they rely on free promotions. Keep in mind that most of these ‘free’ promotions will apply to friends and guests, or may be tied to recommending others. Even so, free spa offers are often worth the extra legwork.

Online Education

Programs like edX and Coursera have revolutionized how people learn remotely. Most of them offer a range of free online classes, which include courses from top schools like Harvard and MIT. However, these promotions apply to single classes or shorter courses, meaning users can’t earn a degree from free education. Keep a lookout for online educators that offer courses that translate to certifications or degrees, such as those from Codeacademy.